Current  APR Rate Averages

Provider APR +/- w/w
LendingClub 10.02% 0.02%
Prosper 14.78% 1.71%
peer to peer lending rate comparison


June 18th, 2012 – Borrower APRs on peer-to-peer loans showed a slight drop for the week ending June 16th. Lending Club loans, which dropped just .02% have shown a far greater degree of consistency over time, while Prosper, which uses a different loan scoring method than Lending Club, has shown greater variability with an average drop of 1.71% this past week.

The Loan Sheet Peer Lending Pulse compares average APRs from a sample of loans on Prosper and Lending Club. The sample loan pool is taken from borrowers with 36-month term lengths, debt-to-income ratios of 10-20%, and credit scores in the top 20% of the range.