Current APR Rate Averages

Provider APR +/- w/w
LendingClub 10.45% 0.05%
Prosper 13.24% 1.86%
peer to peer loan rate comparison

July 9th, 2012 – APRs for the two leading peer-to-peer lending platforms – Prosper and LendingClub – tightened this week to the closest differential in almost a month. For the first week in July, Prosper APRs dipped to 13.24%, while Lending Club averaged out at 10.45%. Prosper APRs have consistently trended higher than Lending Club, though Prosper generally takes on a somewhat higher risk profile borrower than Lending Club.

The Loan Sheet Peer Lending Pulse compares average APRs from a sample of loans on Prosper and Lending Club. The sample loan pool is taken from borrowers with 36-month term lengths, debt-to-income ratios of 10-20%, and credit scores in the top 20% of the range.