Current  APR Rate Averages

Provider APR +/- w/w
LendingClub 10.49% 0.35%
Prosper 13.90% 0.35%
Peer to peer rate comparison


Peer to peer loan rates remain almost flat week over week for both Prosper and Lending Club. APRs on Lending Club 3-year loans remain approximately 3 percentage points less expensive than similar Prosper loans. Since The Loan Sheet began tracking peer to peer lending rates in May, rates have remained fairly consistent across borrower’s debt to income ratio and credit score. But while APRs have remained consistent, other factors, like borrower risk profiles, have begun to change.

In the next post, we’ll discuss how borrower risk profiles have changed across providers in recent months and what this could mean for borrowers and lenders going forward.

The Loan Sheet’s Peer Lending Rate Compare measures average APRs from a pool of loans on Prosper and Lending Club. The loan pool includes all borrowers with 36-month term lengths, debt-to-income ratios of 10-20%, and credit scores in the top 20% of their respective ranges.